Boxing Day

Well well well it’s Boxing Day in most of the english speaking world… just not here. Not that it matters, I don’t even have any Minions let alone servants to give gifts to.

So anyway Olaf’s network is down today for work…. I wonder what new roadblocks CDR is going to put up to us getting fast internet access but I’m leaving soon enough so I don’t care anymore… I’m really starting to look forward to parts of the “real world”, parts where I can have a cable modem or DSL, run a personal MP3 server and control my own firewall to make it work correctly. Maybe someday I’ll be able to find my way back to Olaf and fix some of the giant screwups.

It’s 21 degrees and what am I going to do? take a walk up to Radio Shack and get some cables for my Dad’s Computer… ain’t it great 🙂