Jaiku Open Search Plugin

Someone on Jaiku asked if there was a firefox plugin to post. I thought hmm, I can do that via an opensearch plugin, so here it is.

Linky, Linky.

Save this into your profile’s searchplugins directory, in Windows this is usually C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profile\{random}\searchplugins

3 thoughts on “Jaiku Open Search Plugin

  1. If I remember correctly in most linux distros it would be something like /home/{username}/.Mozilla/Firefox/Profile/{random}/searchplugins

    If you want to use it on a mac, your on your own but my guess is there’s a hidden directory within your home directory where Mozilla hides your profile.

    The plugin should also work in IE7 if you really wanted it to since IE7 was the first browser to support Opensearch. All I did was create an Opensearch based plugin but instead of searching with it we’re posting to jaiku with it.


  2. The path to the searchplugins folder in Ubuntu is indeed this one, I succesfully installed your plugin on Feisty 5min ago…

    Thanks !

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