It’s ours!

Well we successfully closed on the house of Wednesday and it’s officially ours. We stopped in the house Wednesday evening to discover the faucets for the washing machine were dripping, badly. We ran to Home Depot bought some buckets and managed to get the worse one running directly down the drain. The next morning we went back over there and added washing machine hoses to both faucets and now have them both running directly down the drain. It’s a kludge but it works until I can get into the crawl space and shut off the water to replace the valves.

Amber took some more pictures yesterday available here.

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New House

For those following (or not following) our housing saga we’ve finally found a house, in our price range and we love it. We’re closing on (or around) Dec 20th.

It’s not actually in Park City but in Oakley which is about 20-25 minutes away from Park City. We’re really excited about it though. It’s a 1917 Arts & Crafts Bungalow in really good shape. The woodwork in the living room and dining room haven’t been painted over so they are in really good shape and the floors look good too. There’s still plenty of projects for the house though. (some pictures here)
All New Windows
New Furnace
New Water Heater
Plumbing Work
Electrical Upgrades
It’s also has almost no closet space like most old houses and someone did a pretty crappy kitchen “remodel” at some point and the bathroom needs some work.

It’s pretty exciting, I’ll even try to keep the old weblog full of house updates.