Prostaff came through for me!!! I start training Tuesday with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage to answer the phones and help people with their Mortgage refinancing. The pay is excelent (it’s actually about 40% more than my Allina contract was). I’m just generally excited about going to work again, having something to do, and best of all having some money again. It’ll still be a bit before I actually have any real money since I obviously owe Amber a significant amount of money since I’ve been unemployed for 3.5 months (7.5 since graduation (that’s a piece of paper that did me a lot of good recently…)) but I should be able to pay her back pretty quickly and maybe be able to buy myself new toy(s) sometime soon 🙂

Weekend Adventures

It’s been a pretty good weekend around here. The weather has most definitely been on our side and nothing all weekend has been rained out which is kinda surprising given the recent weather.

We’ll take it back to Thursday. I went and saw Prostaff (another temp agency) which hopefully I can at least find something temporary for a little while.

Friday was quite the day. We went out to Joe’s house in the early afternoon for his neighborhood pig roast. And let me tell ya, it was damn good pig. Even Amber ate some and enjoyed it. Next was an Ole party in Minneapolis where there was a definite lack of meat for a while (what’s wrong with people? :-)) and the evening ended with Taste of Minnesota and Fireworks in St. Paul. They moved it from the Capital where it’s been forever to Harriet Island down on the river. It was a pretty cool place for it, it took forever to get into the park from downtown St. Paul but it was surprisingly easy to get out of there, which when it was down at the Capital it could be a good hour and a half to get out of the traffic jams.

And Saturday at about 5 Amber and I decided that it would be fun to go see the Twins game. Yeah it was fun but damn I hate to go to a game where they lose that bad….

Canada Day

16 Tons and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt. St. Peter don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go. I owe my soul to Wells Fargo.