Like a local or something…

So I’m getting to be more and more like a local… I bought my first set of skis last night. I really feel like I spent a lot more money than I should have (since well, we don’t exactly have a lot of income right now) but at least I bought Demo skis and not brand new so I got a pretty good deal on the skis and bindings.

Now I just need to find some boots and poles that I’m happy with, ok poles are easy and probably cheap as we get closer to the end of the season, boots are another story entirely…

In other news, we went yesterday and got Utah plates for the car. I’ll probably be putting those on tonight but I’d like to find some new nonrusted screws to replace the old ones before I do that. I guess a trip to Home Depot is in order.

Ski Day

So since yesterday was the due date for corporate tax returns, the four of us (Amber’s Parents, Amber and I) thought we’d take a day off to do some midweek skiing. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been here almost 6 weeks and not had a chance to go yet. The four of us are headed to Deer Valley for the day (Norm got us comps otherwise I don’t think Amber and I would be willing to spend the money to ski there). I’ll grab the camera and see if I can remember to take a few pictures throughout the day and add them to the gallery.

Here’s to not getting hurt 🙂