Texas Redistricting

Another interesting article this time from the AP http://abcnews.go.com/wire/US/ap20030513_1040.html about Texas’ House attempts to re draw the district lines. (Is it obvious that I’m pretty bored today?) There are some great quotes including one comparing the run away Democrats to Terrorists 🙂

Basicly a bunch of Texas Democrats ran to Oklahoma so that the Texas House of Representatives couldn’t actually get a quorum thus blocking legislation to redraw the U.S. House of Representitive district lines.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. They ran off to try and keep the Republicans from redrawing the districts in such a way that they could take over half a dozen more House seats next election. I can totally understand that Democrats want to force the Republican controled House to focus on other topics that they think are more important (and probably are) but I just don’t feel that this is the way to do what they want. Redistricting in their favor is something that both sides try and do whenever they have the chance. But what they’re doing is setting a bad precident where if people don’t like a bill coming up why not just go ahead and run away to block leglislation.

What I’d like to do here…

I just came across this really cool site via zeldman showing just how powerful CSS can be. The Zen Garden is a site where people can submit their own stylesheet to change the entire look of the site without actually changing any of the actual information. I highly suggest checking it out for quite a shock on just how much influence CSS will have if people will just start using them.

First Wireless Post

So I don’t really have anything major to say but I really just wanted to post via Rich’s new laptop with the wireless network. It’s really quite cool to be able to sit on the couch with no cables and surf the web and add to the useless noise of the internet 🙂

Which reminds me. There’s actually talk that google is going to try and remove weblogs from the main search area and give them their own tab much like Usenet and news. Personally I think that it’s a great idea because it’ll help get the signal to noise ratio down on google searches. Where instead of the first handfull of results can now be Joe Schmoe and Friends weblogs since they all link to each other we might actually get the original article/whitepaper/study etc. as the first result. Wouldn’t that be nice?


so it’s been a week since my interview… it went really badly and I know it… I know that I could have done everything that they were looking for and more but I just blew the interview….

well here’s the new site

well well well now that my hosting provider has finally gotten some (note that the time is stll off by something like 14 hours that I can’t adjust for) of the problems fixed from the last couple of days including ftp being down for quite a few hours yesterday and PHP going down today (which I honestly didn’t know that anyone could do but that’s not here nor there)…

anyway there’s still a few things that I’d like to fix before I call this “done” including some cool stylesheet switching and some more cleanup of the general layout.

new look again

Well ok since I said that I’d get this done quite a while ago I’m going to put something new out there for ya all to play with… this is my new web log software ‘MovableType’. Although I did really like greymatter it had enough little things that bothered me (like the fact that the developer stopped supporting it and improving it) that I thought that it was time for me to switch to something newer and better… and since I’ve been having issues getting this to fit in with my new web design I’ve decided that I’m going to try and switch things a couple of pieces at a time until I get it how I want it instead of all at once like I attempted before.

almost done

so my redesign is almost done… doing things the right way only took me a couple of hours. I guess that teaches me a lesson now doesn’t it.

Not that this affects anyone in the least but I can’t put this site into production yet since my FTP server is down 🙁