Changes pending

So there’s going to be some more changes happening around here in the coming days… I really want these pages to validate properly with the standards (the group that attempts to make the internet all run correctly for everyone despite Microsoft’s wishes) so I don’t know if the site will render correctly in IE for much longer but hopefully whenever IE 7 comes out it’s more standards complient and will play nicely with my website again 🙂

Until nexttime this is Chris trying to convince everyone he knows to run Mozilla (or at least Netscape 7).

site redesign

So I’ve been bored at work and just don’t feel like working on the site for a bit so I’ve decided that it’s time for my personal website to get a facelift and the project has now started 🙂

So I’ve been working on learning Cascading Style Sheets so that I can change the way my entire site looks at the drop of a hat and do things like allow visitors to chose the way that they want to see the page and best of all it helps make my site more accessable because I’m not using Tables (ok I’m not using tables but I think my weblog software still does some tabling) so if someone accesses the site with a screen reader for the blind it is all nice and clean for them 🙂

There are still some bugs to be worked out for example the navigation menu should be a popout menu but right now I can’t get it working correctly I’ll be re-doing my other pages to match the new look of the main page and to support CSS during the next week or so.

Just remember things will change, things will break, it’ll probably be really butt ugly sometimes too 🙂

I’d love to hear people’s input on the new look.