I’m at Beth’s

So here I am sitting at Beth’s and I noticed that she had my webpage setup as her homepage so that just drove me to actually do another post since now I know that someone other than me sees it on a regular basis.

So it’s almost January. I’m picking up Sam at the airport tomorrow (and Beth is coming too). Looks like a trip to the science museum is on for the First of the year… should be a blast… I love the science museum!!

I’m really not happy with my hosting provider I think I’m going to go out and replace them. I just hope that I can find something as cheap as what I have now and still get all the cool features that I do get.

OK I think that there was something else that I was going to say but I don’t remember what it was so I’m just going to stop writing now…:-)

P.S. I just remembered…. so as for working plans have changed… I’m no longer going to do the project that I thought I was (it never was setting up the Northfield Hospital it was in fact setting up 3000 new computers throughout the Allina System) and instead I’m going to be at Abbot Northwestern in Minneapolis taking the place of one of their Hardware tech guys while he goes out and supervises the installs. So I get to be the Printer and PC hardware fixer at one of the largest hospitals in Minneapolis 🙂

Found work!!!

So I could have posted this a while ago but I just didn’t get around to it. I finally found a job at least for a bit. It doesn’t start until January 6th and it only goes through the end of March but at least it’s something…. it’s actually with a placement firm in Minneapolis but the interesting thing is that I’ve been placed with Allina Medical… who happens to be opening a new hospital in *gasp* Northfield due to open in April… so although they haven’t told me for sure yet I’m pretty sure that I get to commute to Northfield now that I moved away from there… isn’t that just usual luck….

moving time

So here’s the current information on life as I know it… Amber got a new job at a consulting firm in Downtown Minneapolis. She seems to be pretty happy with it although it does involve taking the bus to work in the morning since it’s something like $14 a day to park in the lot where she works. And for big news we’re moving!! Amber, myself and my friend from Highschool Rich are moving into an apartment in Woodbury this week. I’m excited.

On that note I’ll probably be falling offline even more for a bit until we get our cable modem hooked up and what not so all you onemorechancers need to play nice while I’m not around to moderate 🙂