So I finally got around to updating some of the other pages of my website including updating and adding some more links to some of the links pages as well as making them fit in with the look of the front page. I still haven’t updated the Pictures pages but what do you expect? 🙂

Return to Wireless Posting

So for those who haven’t heard Rich bitching about how crappy the wireless connection has been from his laptop since the installation of the LinkSys card and router I’m thinking that I discovered a way to make it work better… I found something online about how if the antennas were horizontal it worked better and sure enough I’m finding that now that I moved them to be horizontal I can comfortably surf the net from the couch again. It’s still not perfect and I think that I might have to do some more playing with the antennas to try and find the optimal antenna configuration.

DNS moved

So I finally moved my DNS… The stupid email on the old host has been causing people problems for days again so I made an executive decision not to wait until the weekend like I wanted to. I hope that it will propagate quickly and I actually think that it might since there is the new folks running the .org root servers

so hang on it could be a bumpy ride 🙂

New servers new Design

So I thought that if I’m moving my website to new servers that I really need to do a redesign of the site again so here it is… I’m not sure how it’s going to end up yet since I’m still working on it but hopefully I’m all done by the time anyone reads this.