Dear Democrats

I know quite a few Democrats out there, I’ve lived with some of you, I’ve worked with some of you, I’ve gone to school with some of you. Here we are in an election year, after 8 extremely divisive years, where this country is ready to elect a moderate from either party. On one side we have John McCain a moderate Republican, war hero, electable, yet beatable by the right candidate.

On the other side we have Barack Obama, a young Senator, excellent speaker, no voting record to run away from and very much a moderate, fiscally conservative, socially liberal. And then we have Hillary Clinton. HATED by the right, more skeletons in the closet than clothes and appears to want to continue this left vs right crap and is pretty much unelectable.

And then we have democrats who appear to be just dumb enough to nominate Hillary anyway.  At least if the dems are dumb enough to nominate Hillary and give the Whitehouse to McCain,Obama will be in a great position to run again and likely beat McCain in 4 years just like he could now,  if only democrats weren’t so dumb.