Christmas Eve Skiing

We got to go out skiing for a couple of hours this morning. A bit windy and chilly but we found some unskiied runs to make first tracks on which is always fun.

Google Earth’s KMZ file is available here.

and just for fun here’s our vertical change for the day.

Merry Christmas!

It’s ours!

Well we successfully closed on the house of Wednesday and it’s officially ours. We stopped in the house Wednesday evening to discover the faucets for the washing machine were dripping, badly. We ran to Home Depot bought some buckets and managed to get the worse one running directly down the drain. The next morning we went back over there and added washing machine hoses to both faucets and now have them both running directly down the drain. It’s a kludge but it works until I can get into the crawl space and shut off the water to replace the valves.

Amber took some more pictures yesterday available here.

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