Time for Chris to leave MN….

Well here we go.

Amber and I have almost packed everything we own into boxes and gotten them all into a storage locker in Cannon Falls and bright and early tomorrow morning we hit the road and go to Utah for a couple of weeks…. after that who knows.

The IIT still hasn’t gotten off their asses and hired yet and I’m starting to think that I really am going to end up somewhere else in the world. I really feel like St. Olaf and the IIT are a good fit for me but I honestly am starting to feel like it’s not going to happen for me and I’m going to have to go and find something else somewhere else to go. It could be Utah it could be Minnesota or it could be somewhere random like Schenectady, NY I really don’t know…..

So anyway I’ll keep you all posted on whats going on in my life as far as I can tell at least….

The Big Plan

Well Roberta called me into her office again on Thursday to let me know that they wont have a decision before it’s time for me to leave and have no where to live in the area, but on the bright side she stressed the fact that she wants me to leave contact info so that I can be reached when they finally make a decision. So that left Amber and I in a bit of a bind, no where to live, no idea when we would know about the Olaf job, until that is she made an off hand remark about just taking a vacation… so that’s what we’re about to do. We’re going to rent a storage unit, fill it up with everything that we don’t need with us, pack the car and head to Utah. We’ll stay with her parents for a while, hopefully go see Rob, Glynett and the girls. It’s going to be good I think. And to have som contact info for Roberta we decided to go ahead and get cell phones. It’s a great deal from voicestream allowing us to share 800 minutes, unlimited weekends, free long distance, and free calling not just between each other but also with anyone else with a voicestream phone. I highly suggest it. Only problem is that they can’t seem to set up the phones with the new Northfield numbers so for now we have temp numbers out of Faribault hopefully that will get fixed before we leave on Saturday…

It really feels good to at least have a plan in the shortrun.

finally something worth posting

Well I finally had my interview today. I just hope that it isn’t too late for me to actually accept the position if they offer it to me. Overall I thought it went quite well. It was a little wierd though since most of the people involved in the interviews (yes it was 5 seperate groups over roughly 4 hours) know who I am and what I’ve done over the years here working side by side with them….. really I do think that it’s my job but who knows if someone will come along that is so much better than me. At least it’s out of the way and I can just go ahead and do my job and wait to see what happens… at least I know that if it were entirly up to the desktop team I’d probably already have the job so really all that matters is what the rest of them think but I guess that’s all I can do… wait.