Amateur Hour

So the new job… I’m really kinda not so happy with it…

I guess the problem is that I don’t really feel like it’s very professional. Since I’ve been there I’ve seen a lot of A/V equiptment get tested but to do any testing in the lab you have to use the one 47″ HDTV which is fine if you’re testing HDTV stuff but if you’re not it looks like CRAP. The real kicker is that there isn’t standard equiptment. Any good test setup is going to involve comparing to the lab standard but without this everyone has their own idea of what “good” is with no real way to make sure that everyone’s “good” is the same. AND they don’t even have a damn VCR in the place.

It’s just such an amateur hour hopefully I can do something to help the place out before I get too sick of it and jump ship.