I miss Chris!

I miss Chris. He’s so far away. Today Missy and I went to the Salt Lake Temple, and to the Great Salt Lake. We had pizza with my sister, too. But there was no Chris 🙁 I hope he writes to me soon!



Hey Guess what I finally got around to updating my pictures page so there’s finally something there. If someone has something that I should add let me know via email or leave a comment below.

march 7

Wow it’s been almost a month since I did this… I told you that I wouldn’t get around to doing this very often :-)…. well whats in the news? I’m going snowboarding on Saturday with Amber that should be interesting as I have never snowboarded before so we’ll see if I survive that one.

My MAME CD’s should show up tomorrow or Saturday so I’ll be one step closer to building myself an ultimate arcade machine.

We’re also installing the SKUNK server early next week so it’ll be available to the outside world to see (not that there is anything interesting on there right now).

Well I’m out of stuff to say (at least publicly).