So plans changed again….

Ok so I changed my plans again…. I’m going to stay at Olaf now for the summer but I’m going to try and get a group together to live off campus because Thorson is going to be brutal this summer if it’s half as bad as it was last summer up here….

More information to come at a laterdate.

Spring time – or is it?

Well it’s been awhile again hasn’t it? I started my final Paper for Econ 399 today…. I’m still not sure where I’m going with it but it looks like it’ll be Intellictual Property Rights and if the US will push it’s corprate agenda on the rest of the world like they did to citizens thanks to the DMCA.

I also talked to Roberta this week about the ACC job. She didn’t tell me not to apply so I guess that’s a good sign 🙂 They don’t actually know what the job will be when it finally opens up but when there’s a good idea on what they want/need the new person to do she know’s I’m intrested but that’s unlikely to be known for another few weeks so I’m starting to think that I might go home and finish up my degree at UMD since it’ll be far less expensive than doing it here but we’ll see what happens in the next couple of weeks.

Amber is on Norseman tour this weekend so it’s a pretty boring weekend for me… Last night I went to Froggy’s and we actually closed the joint. It was definatly a good time but I still don’t understand how some people are able to do that on a regular basis… oh well such is life.

Yesterday we played some soccor down on the practice fields and I’m actually feeling pretty good today not nearly as sour as I was expecting to be 🙂 Well the nice warm spring day has left us with a cool, cloudy spring day so maybe I can get some more work done without the distraction of wanting to play outside 🙂