Group projects

Here we are in an online MBA program full of “adults” where we have homework assignments due each Sunday. Personally I don’t really feel challenged by the program so I usually end up doing the homework Sunday afternoon because I can without too much worry. I could probably do better work and make the program more challenging to myself, by myself but let’s be honest, doing the minimum is just easier.

So we come to this week. It’s an odd enough week with Thanksgiving in the middle of the week and then to top it off, our school decided that this would be a good week to have a group project due. Now as everyone with a brain knows, people travel over long holiday weekends but our school doesn’t seem to understand that. So here I am attempting to finish my “group” project when I’d much rather be testing out the snow up at PCMR after working on it on Thursday morning and spending the last two days hoping someone else in my group would voice an opinion or do something to move the project forward.

I’m pretty tired of this school and the crappy students they let into it.