the above posting

I suppose I should explain the above posting. Tonight a group of us went over to SC280 (the large lecture hall) to watch a movie. We just brought a bunch of movies and picked one from those that we brought. It was me and 6 females…. I stayed out of it and made all the equiptment work :-). In only half an hour they made a decision this decision was to watch “Girl Interupted” not a bad movie but it was about 40 minutes too long… especially considering security was there to lock it up and just sat down and watched the rest of the movie with us 🙂

Anyway that was my night.

Adventures in Hardware

It’s been quite the day. My Handspring Visor died today. My friend Sam broke his a month or so ago and bought a new one. Fortunatly for me his had a broken screen but still worked. Mine didn’t work but had a good screen. So what did I do? I took them both apart used my screen and his mainboard to frankenstein myself a working Visor again… Good thing too because Handspring discontinued the deluxe model reciently so it would have been a $200 screwup thanks to a forced upgrade to the Neo model. But it all worked out quite well for me :-).

Amber comes back to campus in a week.

for an easy class this

for an easy class this darn excel class has a heck of a lot of homework… tonight I get to do 13 cases which really isn’t any big deal if I can keep myself from getting distracted anymore but so be it… now that I emailed my service provider yet again about a couple of problems I’m having that they seem not to want to reply to I’ll get back to work… oh btw stotella rocks 🙂

Friends don’t let friends use PowerPoint.

Whats up with this weather? It’s 48 Degrees out there and it’s JANURARY IN MINNESOTA for God’s sake…. oh well there went skating for the season 🙂

so I’m offically sick of PowerPoint… not that I liked it before now but now I really hate it. At least I’m finally done with the “Cookbook” style PowerPoint homework for class. I’ll still have 2 more presentations to make but at least they’ll be of my own style and I won’t be forced to do stupid stuff like add sounds and fly in the text. Ok I’m off to hand in the homework and then maybe bug Joe into giving up FF10 for a bit to play some hockey 🙂

Until I get around to doing this again.

Page updates

Ok so I didn’t add the pictures like I said I would, surprise surprise… oh well… but I did take care of the links page… I re did the code and cleaned it up and actually cut 3k off the load so it was worth it not to mention the fact that I’ll now be able to edit it by hand again despite the extra added stuff from the original

so anyway I head back to the Hill tomorrow and back to class…. such is life.

Happy New Year

It’s 2002. I graduate in 2002. I go out to the real world in 2002… I don’t like 2002….

It’s that time of year again for New Years Resolutions…. maybe I should say that I’ll try to keep this webpage up to date and that I’ll get some pictures up and everything else that I want to get up…. yeah like I’ll get around to that 🙂