and then it was over

4 years really went by fast… there were some good times…. some bad times… some great times…. I wouldn’t have missed any of it for the world…

Since I’ve been home I attemped to take my Drivers exam (Finally) but couldn’t because my parents threw away the Proof of Insurance from every damn vehicle they own… I really don’t understand them sometimes. And I’ve made it to 2 Dukes games already (they even won them both) and I’ll probably make it to a couple more. I really miss going to see the Dukes on a regular basis… Hopefully they’ll be around long enough for me to come back and see them again….

Adventures in CS

Chris is not a happy camper today….

11:50 Class starts

11:52 I leave my room to go to class (it’s usually a good 10 minutes before he says anything remotely useful anyway)

11:58 Get to class and there is no Professor…..

12:04 Professor Brown shows up and proceeds to turn on computer

12:15 We decide that it’s the keyboard switch that died…. I call Myron and ask for a keyboard switch… he doesn’t have one but he comes over to open the back so we can re-wire around the problem

12:25 Computer fixed and Class “begins”

12:25 He starts talking about the Science Symposium

12:31 Someone asks if we can discuss our projects that are due Monday… he says No.

12:35 He starts teaching something that he’s taught us multiple times

12:43 Starts teaching the material that we actually needed to know last Wednesday.

12:45 *Bell Rings*

And worst of all he is basically the CS department so there’s no one to talk to about his ineptitude.